God, Have Mercy

“You have reached the amount of credit on your Kohl’s Charge card already tonight.” The words of the cashier come pealing through the air. Glancing around to see where the words come from, I see him. His sullen face is worn with the familiar signs of drug abuse. I had been observing him during the... Continue Reading →


Adrian Kyle: October 22, 2011

He's flying away before my eyes...  my little baby boy... the one I taught to walk...  the one I taught to talk...  the one I taught 'please' and 'thankyou'...  the one I taught to pray... taught to sing... the one to whom I've read hundreds of books...  the one who claims me as his favorite... Continue Reading →

  I will never forget the look in your eyes, my precious fair-faced daughter. Hopeless. Frightened. Yet, as they met mine the faintest flicker of hope. And then, glancing back only to see that you, too, were looking back at me. I love you. Where you are breaks my heart. And I plead to God... Continue Reading →

I Rest my Heart

August 2014 I tore pieces off of my heart and gave them to the girls I loved. And I left the pieces with them. Because I left. I cried. Gave up the dream of my life. But I kept them in my heart. I loved them to death. Still do. I prayed for them. Telling God... Continue Reading →

how do you describe 

I can't find the right words to express my heart... How do you describe... listening to your siblings sing four-part music... or listening to your two lil sweethearts sing a duet... the longing to be with friends who are on the same page as you... the feeling of belonging to everyone because you have many... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wonder why. Why my life has to be so crazy. Why do I every week, it seems, meet new friends to share time with. Why do my 'old' friendships continue to deepen and grow. Why do those who were once only acquaintances suddenly become my friends. Why? When I have to leave so... Continue Reading →

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