Sometimes I wonder why. Why my life has to be so crazy. Why do I every week, it seems, meet new friends to share time with. Why do my ‘old’ friendships continue to deepen and grow. Why do those who were once only acquaintances suddenly become my friends. Why? When I have to leave so soon? Because it makes the leaving so much harder… why does my heart have to get all wrapped up here in all these people, only to have to try to tear it apart and go flying back to America. Why, when I’ve tumbled so hard for this country. When Colombia has become home. 

I constantly think about it right now – the craziness of my life. Then, it hit me. Maybe, it’s because of that promise I made long ago. That I would, somehow, live life ‘double’ for her – Janelle Fern Stoltzfus. Because she couldn’t. Because I was granted health, and not her. Because I was granted life, and not her. Maybe, this is the way that that promise made so many years ago, is being fulfilled. Maybe, somehow, God is helping me complete that promise when at the time I didn’t know how it could be done. 


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