this is me

I love my family fiercely. I love my friends dearly. I always have to crack a smile when I see toddlers and babies -they’re all so adorable! I’m head over heels interested in music, books, schoolteaching, and writing. People think I’m crazy – I only like my tomatoes cooked, have an obsession with kosher dill pickles and Pringles, and rarely eat breakfast(other than having my cup of coffee but is that eating?), I sleep with a tribe of lions(my blanket), and I have a hard time figuring out how to go to bed early(DON’T ask me why. I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer that makes sense). I have one Person I’m most passionate about. Why? He breathed life into my nostrils. He redeemed my heart. He freed my mind. And not only did He free it, but He RESTORED my mind. I am officially a schoolteacher at the moment, and am also the ‘big sister’ to a precious seven. An intensely aching heart, wracking sobs, crushed dreams, seemingly impossible surrender, rivers of giggles, piercing shrieks, settled peace, overflowing love, wild joy… these are a part of my life. Amidst it all, I have one passion: to discover God. And that’s what my days are full of.